ARTJOG 2023 - Motif: Lamaran

By using the term "motif" as the title of the exhibition, ARTJOG wants to present a variety of visual treasures that have been worked on by the artists so far. Meanwhile, the word "lamaran" (in English: proposal) is an attempt to get closer to exploring various languages of motifs and how the artists express them. A proposal to the artists is a form of appreciation for the creative motifs that they have been performing so far.

Val Wens
Zico Albaiquni
Ace Alexon Hartono
Novi Kristinawati
Butet Kartaredjasa
Raynold Alexander Sie
Nurdian Ichsan
Sakinah Alatas
Gede Mahendra Yasa
Gregorius Noah Abimanyu
Yosep Arizal

Jogja Art Weeks was initiated to synergize the spirit of art spaces in the Yogyakarta area and its surroundings. Anyone who wants to promote their art activities in conjunction with ARTJOG, especially during June - September 2023, can use the platform at no cost.

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