Starting this year, the performance program is transforming into a new platform called performance•ARTJOG. This platform is initiated as a dedication, participation and interaction in the field of performing art, performance art, and other live event art. We hope this platform can create a dialectic that leads to the knowledge crossing between performance and society, where the meaning and value of art can remain connected and valuable. All performances will be held during ARTJOG and in the Jogja National Museum area. 

This platform will present four programs: Main Performance, Connect, Explanatory, and Special Performance.

Main Performance

It is a featured performance that presents artists with a long and dedicated artistic practice in the history of Indonesian performing arts. The shows are selected by considering the age of the group/artist's creation history, idea contextualization, and novelty of form. In order to achieve the maximum experience of the performance event, some of the main performances were carefully selected.

2 & 3 Juli 2023
20.00 WIB | JNM Bloc, Jogja National Museum

Garasi Performance Institute

Waktu Batu. Rumah yang Terbakar

14 & 15 Juli 2023
20.00 WIB | JNM Bloc, Jogja National Museum

Majelis Lidah Berduri


4 & 5 Agustus 2023
20:00 WIB | Panggung ARTJOG, Jogja National Museum

Bulqini x Mainteater Bandung

JTDS 4.0 "Metamorf"

25 & 26 Agustus 2023
20:00 WIB | Jogja National Museum

Sardono W. Kusumo

MEN TA (too) WAY : Merayakan Seni Rupa Tertua di Dunia