28 Aug 2023
Sampai Jumpa di ARTJOG 2024

Setelah dibuka resmi pada 30 Juni lalu, ARTJOG 2023 Motif: Lamaran telah resmi diakhiri pada hari Minggu, 27 Agustus 2023. Acara penutupan ARTJOG 2023 diawali oleh sambutan Heri Pemad selaku Direktur ARTJOG, orasi budaya oleh Goenawan Mohamad, dilanjutkan oleh pidato penutupan oleh Dr. Suwarno Wisetrotomo. Memeriahkan rangkaian acara penutupan, panggung ARTJOG dimeriahkan oleh penampilan spesial dari Prince Husein, Kunto Aji, dan The Mayasona.

25 Aug 2023
Hitung Mundur Penutupan ARTJOG 2023 - Motif: Lamaran

ARTJOG 2023 resmi dibuka pada tanggal 30 Juni 2023 dan akan berakhir dalam dua hari lagi pada 27 Agustus 2023. Seluruh program telah dilaksanakan dimulai dengan penampilan Teater Garasi di panggung Main Performance performa•ARTJOG pada 2-3 Juli 2023 dan dilanjutkan dengan mata program yang lain seperti Special Performance oleh Saron Groove, Olski, dan Megatruh Soundsystem dan Explanatory oleh empat seniman pertunjukan yaitu Arief Wicaksono, Deni Septyanugroho, Studio Klampisan, dan Densiel Lebang. Program-program lain seperti Exhibition Tour dan Meet the Artist juga telah berlangsung dan telah diakhiri dengan sesi terakhir Meet the Artist bersama Anusapati dan Butet Kartaredjasa pada hari Kamis, 24 Agustus 2023.

19 Aug 2023
Explanatory ARTJOG 2023: When Artists Deal with Limitations

The Explanatory Program is an embryo that was born at ARTJOG MMXXII 2022 as part of a weekly performance. This year, ARTJOG 2023 once again presents the second edition of Explanatory as one of performa•ARTJOG program.

02 Aug 2023
Various Artists Motifs at ARTJOG 2023, From Boxing to Hair Braid

ARTJOG 2023 enters its second month. After officially opening on 30 June 2023, tens of thousands of visitors have come to enjoy various works with Motif: Lamaran as its theme, an approach translated by curators in exploring patterns, ideas and motivations behind the artists’ works. Visitors have also experienced several performances at performa•ARTJOG, interacted directly with artists, and enjoyed an exhibition tour with curators of ARTJOG 2023.

03 Jul 2023
Ecological Grief Expressed by Teater Garasi through the performance of "Waktu Batu. Rumah yang Terbakar"

After officially opened on 30 June 2023, public still can feel the excitement from the opening ARTJOG 2023 for the next few days through a performance entitled "Waktu Batu. Rumah yang Terbakar." by Garasi Performance Institute/Teater Garasi. Teater Garasi itself is an interdisciplinary artist collective based in Yogyakarta. Founded in 1993, they see performing arts to process and produce knowledge and get involved dialectically with the ever-changing environment and world.

30 Jun 2023
Opening of ARTJOG 2023

Yogyakarta, 30 June 2023 - ARTJOG 2023 is held again at Jogja National Museum, Yogyakarta, from 30 June to 27 August 2023. With "Motif: Lamaran" as its theme, this exhibition involves 73 artists consisting of 51 adult artists and 22 child artists. Apart from that, ARTJOG 2023 also presents other supporting programs and platforms for public such as performa•ARTJOG, Young Artist Award, ARTJOG Kids, Exhibition Tour, Meet the Artist, Artcare, and Jogja Art Weeks.

22 Jun 2023
Press Conference ARTJOG 2023 - Motif: Lamaran

ARTJOG as we know it, has an important role as a means of popular cultural education as well as a space for cultural diplomacy. Apart from that, ARTJOG is also a catalyst in developing aspects of art-based tourism. ARTJOG has also contributed to the increasing Yogyakartas economy both in terms of the number and the length of stay of visitors in hotels as well as increasing the visitor spending during the implementation of ARTJOG. ARTJOG has succeeded in attracting a quality segment of tourists, creating relationships that encourage repeat visits, and generating positive publicity about the unique and complete destinations in Yogyakarta.

17 Jan 2023

ARTJOG 2023 will be held on 30 June – 27 August 2023 at the Jogja National Museum in Yogyakarta and co-curated by curator and writer Hendro Wiyanto (based in Jakarta) and established artist Nadiah Bamadhaj (born in Malaysia and based in Yogyakarta). ARTJOG 2023 will house one commission artist, a wide selection of invited artists, an open call for young artists under 35 years old, and an open call for children from the ages of six to fifteen years old. In addition, ARTJOG 2023 will hold programming events, including curatorial tours, meet featured artists, stage performances, book launches, workshops, and events dedicated to children.

04 Sep 2022
Seni Berbagi dalam ARTJOG MMXXII - Arts in Common

Menutup rangkaian acaranya, ARTJOG MMXXII - Arts in Common: Expanding Awareness kembali mengundang seniman, rekan media, dan kolega untuk kembali mengunjungi ARTJOG sebelum resmi ditutup pada 4 September 2022 di malam hari. Bersama sambutan penutup dari Butet Kartaredjasa, seniman dan budayawan, ARTJOG ingin menegaskan laku yang dijalani seniman selama ini dalam menyampaikan gagasan serta pemikirannya melalui karya menjadikan mereka garda depan kebangkitan di lingkup seni dan budaya.

01 Sep 2022
Pertemuan Seni di Explanatory

Yogyakarta - ARTJOG MMXXII: Arts-in-Common Expanding Awareness menghadirkan sub-program baru yang menjadi bagian dari Weekly Performance ARTJOG bertajuk Explanatory. Program ini digagas untuk mempertemukan karya seni rupa di ruang pamer dengan praktik penciptaan karya seni pertunjukan. Program Explanatory melibatkan enam seniman pertunjukan yang telah melakukan riset singkat di bulan Juli, kemudian melanjutkannya ke dalam proses penciptaan karya pertunjukan selama bulan Agustus. Hasilnya kemudian dipresentasikan melalui dua bentuk, pertunjukan di dalam ruang pamer pada tanggal 30-31 Agustus 2022 lalu dan Performance Lecture tanggal 1-2 September 2022 di Pendhapa Ajiyasa.

21 Aug 2022
A Collaboration between Jogja Noise Bombing Collaboration x Ba(wa)yang Inclusion Community, Presenting Series of Performance and Poetry Representation "We are also the children of Adam and Eve"

On Friday night (19/08) a collaboration performance of Jogja Noise Bombing (JNB) and Ba(wa) Community entitled "BunyI SUnyi (sound of silence)" took place on ARTJOG MMXXII Weekly Performance stage. JNB itself is a collective noise artist in Yogyakarta, concentrating on audio experiment, noise, harsh noise, ambient, and so on. Meanwhile, Ba(wa)yang community, which stands for bayang wayang (shadow of wayang), is an inclusive community engaged in the arts, and is driven by deaf, hearing trouble, and other disabled friends. The sound of noise blared along with the variety of performances they presented. Noise, dance, visual poetry, performances, wayang, live painting, and pantomime all resonate with each other in the performance space for almost an hour.

20 Jul 2022
Commissioned Works of ARTJOG MMXXII, Personal Denominator, by Christine Ay Tjoe

Every year ARTJOG would invite an artist with a long track record to specifically respond to the theme of the event. This artist was chosen because she/he/they has the same focus as the theme of the year so that it is expected that the chosen artist would be able to provide an initial overview of the theme and concept of the exhibition. This year ARTJOG invited Christine Ay Tjoe to work on the special project ARTJOG MMXXII: Arts in Common - Expanding Awareness. Christine Ay Tjoe is an artist from Bandung who is very actively involved in major exhibitions, both national and international. Agung Hujatnikajennong as one of the curator team said, "We know Christine as an artist whose works talk about the psychic and spiritual aspect of human, things that are closely related to the theme of awareness that we raise."

07 Jul 2022
Pembukaan ARTJOG MMXXII: Arts in Common - Expanding Awareness

Yogyakarta, 7 July 2022 - ARTJOG will be held on 7 July-4 September 2022 at the Jogja National Museum in an offline format. This year, ARTJOG will present the works of 61 individual artists and cross-generational groups along with various other educational programs that will be held regularly during the festival.
Officially opened on 7 July 2022, the event kicked off with a preview for media and invited guests, followed by an afternoon opening ceremony by Dolorosa Sinaga. The opening of this year s ARTJOG was attended by the ranks of the central and local governments; Restu Gunawan, Director of Cultural Development and Utilization, Ministry of Education and Culture, Research and Technology; Hafiz Agung Rifai, Coordinator for Strategy and Promotion, Deputy for Tourism Products and Event Organizers, Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy of the Republic of Indonesia; Dian Lakshmi Pratiwi, Head of the Yogyakarta Cultural Office (Kundha Kabudayan) DIY; Singgih Raharjo, Head of the Yogyakarta Tourism Office; the private sector, artists, partners and colleagues, and members of the media.

30 Jun 2022
ARTJOG MMXXII: Memperluas Kesadaran dengan Kritis dan Interaktif

The largest annual contemporary art event in Indonesia, ARTJOG will be back at the Jogja National Museum (JNM), 7 July - 4 September 2022. With Expanding Awareness as its title, this years edition is the estuary of the ARTJOG arts-in-common series which has been held since 2019 in triplet thematic "space" "time" and "awareness". The idea of expanding awareness is an entry point, not only to reflect on things that are happening and the actual condition we live in today, but also to understand what has not happened yet and still needs to work on in the future.

03 Feb 2022
ARTJOG MMXXII "Expansion of Awareness"

ARTJOG conducted a theme socialization to start this years event on Thursday, February 3, 2022, at Pendapa Ajiyasa, Jogja national Museum, Yogyakarta. In this event, the matter of awareness within the framework of the big theme Arts in Common was presented by Agung Hujatnika, ARTJOGs curator team, and St. Sunardi, teaching staff of the Doctoral Program of Cultural Studies (Arts and Community Studies), Post-Graduate Program of Sanata Dharma University.

31 Aug 2021
"Panyuwunan" Insan Kreatif di Penutupan ARTJOG MMXXI

Setelah berlangsung selama hampir dua bulan, ARTJOG MMXXI akhirnya sampai di penghujung acara. Seremoni penutupan ARTJOG MMXXI dilaksanakan pada Selasa, 31 Agustus 2021 dengan dihadiri oleh Menteri Badan Usaha Milik Negara (BUMN), Erick Thohir. "Sejak 2008, ARTJOG sangat konsisten mendukung dan turun langsung dalam membantu memajukan karya para seniman dalam negeri. Meskipun tahun lalu sempat terkendala oleh awal pandemi, tetapi ARTJOG secara sigap dapat beradaptasi dengan situasi," apresiasi Erick Thohir dalam sambutannya. Beliau juga menyampaikan bahwa kedepannya BUMN harus berperan sebagai katalisator bagi pekerja seni dalam menyiapkan ekosistem pendukungan usaha yang berkelanjutan. Pada pertemuan singkat tersebut, Heri Pemad (Direktur ARTJOG) mengucapkan terima kasih kepada Erick Thohir yang telah hadir secara khusus untuk mengapresiasi karya-karya di ARTJOG, sekaligus berkenan menutup penyelenggaraan ARTJOG tahun ini. "Saya ingin menyampaikan harapan kami sesama seniman dan penyelenggara festival, agar pemerintah dapat terus meningkatkan dukungannya sehingga kedepannya kami dapat mempresentasikan karya-karya dengan kualitas yang lebih baik lagi," katanya.

11 Aug 2021
Dukungan ARTJOG bagi Seniman Muda

Young Artist Award (YAA) adalah program pemberian apresiasi kepada seniman-seniman muda berusia di bawah 33 tahun yang telah berlangsung sejak ARTJOG 2013. Tujuan program ini adalah untuk mendukung kiprah para seniman muda agar dapat terus mengembangkan praktiknya melalui riset dan penciptaan yang lebih memadai. Dalam pelaksanaannya, ARTJOG telah bekerja sama dengan berbagai pihak seperti Yayasan Museum Modern and Contemporary Art Nusantara (MACAN) pada 2019, Dinas Kebudayaan DIY, dan tahun ini mendapat dukungan dari Kementerian Pendidikan, Kebudayaan, Riset, dan Teknologi. Proses pemilihan pemenang YAA melibatkan para seniman, kurator, sejarawan dan kritikus yang ditunjuk khusus sebagai tim juri. Dalam proses penjurian, tim juri menetapkan beberapa kriteria. Pertama, relevansi ide kreatif seniman dengan tema kuratorial ARTJOG. Kedua, ide, gagasan, atau konsep yang ditawarkan seniman memiliki kekayaan informasi dan mudah dipahami oleh pengunjung. Ketiga, presentasi akhir karya di ruang pameran. Selain itu, nilai plus juga diberikan kepada seniman yang menawarkan hal baru melalui eksperimen dan kekayaan eksplorasi medium artistiknya.

02 Aug 2021
ARTJOG MMXXI Masih Daring Sampai PPKM Darurat Dilonggarkan

Jogja National Museum, 3 Agustus 2021. Festival seni rupa ARTJOG kembali digelar pada 8 Juli hingga 31 Agustus 2021 di Jogja National Museum (JNM), Yogyakarta. Tema festival pada tahun ini dibingkai dengan tajuk Time (to) Wonder, sebagai lanjutan dari trilogi tema pameran Arts In Common. Pemilihan seniman untuk ARTJOG tahun ini kembali dilakukan melalui undangan dan seleksi panggilan terbuka. Sejumlah 41 seniman (perorangan maupun kelompok) menampilkan karya-karya mutakhir yang mengangkat ihwal "waktu" sebagai konsep kunci pameran ini. Meskipun diselenggarakan di tengah berbagai keterbatasan ARTJOG bertekad tetap hadir untuk masyarakat dengan bekal pengalaman dari tahun lalu. Perubahan-perubahan kebijakan publik yang terjadi selama masa pandemi justru mendorong ARTJOG untuk merencanakan segala sesuatunya dengan lebih rinci. "Kita berhadapan dengan periode yang tidak menentu, yang membuat kami harus semakin terbiasa dengan antisipasi dan improvisasi," terang Direktur ARTJOG, Heri Pemad.

08 Jul 2021
Pembukaan ARTJOG MMXXI: Arts in Common - Time (to) Wonder

Kamis, 8 Juli 2021, ARTJOG MMXXI: Arts in Common - Time (to) Wonder resmi dibuka. Pembukaan dilaksanakan secara daring melalui website www.artjog.id, kanal media sosial Instagram @artjog.id dan kanal YouTube Kill the TV. Acara ini dipandu oleh Marzuki Mohammad dan kemudian diresmikan oleh Menteri Pariwisata dan Ekonomi Kreatif, Sandiaga Salahuddin Uno. Pembukaan ARTJOG MMXXI: Arts in Common - Time (to) Wonder dihadiri oleh jajaran pemerintahan pusat dan daerah, sektor swasta, seniman partisipan, dan pengelola festival, segenap pendukung dan pencinta seni.

01 Jul 2021
Pers Conference ARTJOG MMXXI : Arts in Common - Time (to) Wonder

The biggest annual visual arts festival in Indonesia, ARTJOG, will be back at Jogja National Museum (JNM), Yogyakarta, on 8 July to 31 August, 2021. After holding ARTJOG Resilience last year which responded to the pandemic situation, this time ARTJOG attempts to return to the curatorial scheme that they launched since 2018. Continuing the second edition of the trilogy arts in common, for this year the festival uses Time (to) Wonder as its frame. Carrying out the issue of time as the key concept, this exhibition will showcase the latest works of 41 (individuals and groups) artists who all live and work in Indonesia.

14 Apr 2021
ARTJOG MMXXI: Arts in Common - Time (to) Wonder is Happening

Due to the outbreak of COVID-19, ARTJOG decided to postpone the 2020 (MMXX) edition entitled time (to) wonder and replaced it with an emergency response edition titled ARTJOG Resilience. Finally, ARTJOG MMXXI: Arts in Common - Time (to) Wonder will be held this year, on 8 July-31 August 2021, in Jogja National Museum, Yogyakarta, by implementing a limited visitation system and applicable health protocols.

10 Oct 2020

In the midst of the uncertain situation caused by the pandemic, ARTJOG: Resilience is still able to be held smoothly this year. With the spirit of "learning by doing", festival management using both online and physical methods was successfully presented. To remain loyal to the spirit that ARTJOG is a space to bring together various artistic ideas and practices, and to bring them closer to the public.

16 Sep 2020

After opening a direct visit on September 7, 2020, ARTJOG: Resilience presents Expanded ARTJOG. Expanded ARTJOG is an audio-visual work to enjoy and experience this contemporary art festival online. During the Covid-19 pandemic, physical encounter is limited, crowded places are avoided, and personal hygiene is the key. As a space that always brings people, work, and ideas together, this is indeed a challenge.

05 Sep 2020

Artcare is a movement initiated by Soboman 219 community, Yogyakarta. This community is presented as a form of concern for fellow artists. Artcare played its role for the first time as a social activity during Yogyakarta earthquake disaster in 2006 and Merapi eruption disaster in 2010. Currently, the Covid-19 pandemic has put the public under pressure, both health and economic one. Artists and art activists are no exception. It is from this anxiety, Artcare is back with a spirit of humanity and helping others. This year Artcare is managed by Hita Pranajiwa Mandaya Foundation and held in conjunction with ARTJOG: Resilience.

20 Aug 2020
Pulang ke Uttara

09 Aug 2020

20 Jul 2020
ARTJOG: RESILIENCE - Remeasure Persistence and Togetherness

In a pandemic time thats filled with uncertainty, what can an art festival do? A time when gathering is considered as something dangerous to the health and safety of human life. Is it true that art lost its function during pandemic? Is it true that artist is profession that is needed the least by society in the midst of todays crisis? To what extent can Indonesian art ecosystem be able to survive in the midst of a storm that has hit us lately? These questions are not easy to answer. But remaining silent within the atmosphere of adversity is definitely not a solution. In line with the running of new normal, and inspired by the enthusiasm of artists to keep on working with limitations, the annual contemporary art festival ARTJOG ventures to move. By organizing a special edition titled ARTJOG: RESILIENCE, at Jogja National Museum (JNM), Yogyakarta on August 8 to October 10, 2020.

20 Apr 2020
COVID-19 Pandemic Forces the Rescheduling of ARTJOG MMXX | time (to) wonder

Following the enactment of the national emergency response period caused by Covid-19 pandemic in Indonesia, ARTJOG contemporary visual art festival has decided to postpone and reschedule its programs. Originally, the 2020 edition (MMXX), with time (to) wonder as its theme, would take place on July 23 - August 30. However, given the national health service crisis that has not yet improved, and the impact of a global pandemic that is still very hard to predict until the next few months, Heri Pemad Management (HPM), as the organizer of ARTJOG, will shift the event of ARTJOG Arts in Common MMXX | time (to) wonder to 2021, and at the same time launches an "emergency response edition" that aims to respond to situation that hits Indonesia recently.

30 Aug 2019

Sunday, August 25, 2019, ARTJOG MMXIX, an International Contemporary Art Festival, was officially ended. For 32 days, ARTJOG MMXIX - Arts in Common: common | space successfully presented 122 works from 39 artists from Indonesia an abroad in Jogja National Museum.

08 Aug 2019

ARTJOG MMXIX, in its function as a means of public education, will present a new program called LeksiKon. LeksiKon is a project that aims to present artist talk as a educational presentation thats creative, performative, experimental and, most importantly; inspiring a wide audience.

26 Jul 2019

ARTJOG MMXIX resmi dibuka pada Kamis, 25 Juli 2019. Di tahun ini, ARTJOG dengan tegas memposisikan diri sebagai sebuah Festival Seni Rupa Kontemporer Internasional (Yogyakarta International Contemporary Art Festival). Diawali dengan VIP dan Media Preview di sore hari, ARTJOG dihadiri para pejabat negara, seniman dan pecinta seni, rekanan dan kolega serta awak media dari berbagai kota dan negara.

24 Jul 2019
ARTJOG MMXIX: Contemporary Arts Festival As A Common Space

ARTJOG 2019 (then abbreviated as ARTJOG MMXIX) will be held on July 25 until August 25, 2019. In its 12th year, ARTJOG would position itself as Yogyakanow rta International Contemporary Art Festival and still pick Jogja National Museum (JNM) as its venue.

11 Jul 2019
ARTJOG MMXIX: common|spaces